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EN 1006
Alison Halsall

th Widespread Changes in Early 20 Century  Inventions of car, planes, telephones  Shrunk distances  Sped up pace of life  Freud`s theories of unconscious changed understanding of mind and identity  Questioning of truth, certainty and morality  Science: shift to relativity and quantum mechanics Modernism in Poetry  Attention given to precision and exactitude of emotion and image  Experimented with free or irregular verse  Brief, economical forms  Emphasis on fragmentation  Juxtaposition of incongruous images  Complex literary allusions William Butler Years (1865-1939)  Irish poet  Winner of Nobel Prize for literature  Heavily steeped in Irish folklore and legend  Years dabbled in mysticism, Irish nationalism, Celtic legend, and Japanese noh drama “The Second Coming”  Published in 1920  Influenced by aftermath of WWI  Announces arrival of the apocalypse  Theory of history is composed of two gyres o Captured contrary motions of history o Intersection of gyres will provoke apocalyptic event  World of chaos and anarchy  Approach of the Beast of the Apocalypse  Something strange and unthinkable will succeed Christianity  “Rough beast” as symbol of this new and terrifying age T.S Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock  Completed in 1910 or 1911  Published in 1915  Examination of the modern man: overeducated, eloquent, neurotic, emotionally fragmented  Variation on the dramatic monologue  His name sounds dull and boring, like it would be a simple love song and not really romantic  How is love depicted?  Very distant and not very engaged  The poem seems to be an anti-love song  Prufrock is unable to interact with the women around him  What does the e
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