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EN 1006
Alison Halsall

EN 1100 B April 30, 2009 William Butler Yeats (1875 – 1939) • Irish poet • Winner of Nobel Prize for literature • Steeped in Irish mysticism • Influenced by Japan and its Noh dramas “The Second Coming”  • Published in 1920 • Influenced by aftermath of WWI • Announces arrival of the apocalypse • Theory of history is composed of two gyres (gyres refers to something situated inside another  refer to example of two cones) o Captured contrary motions of history  In 1921 Yeats believed the world was on the threshold of an apocalyptic moment  Refer to lines 1-8 o Intersection of gyres will provoke apocalyptic event • World of chaos and anarchy • Approach of the Best of the apocalypse • Something strange and unthinkable will succeed Christianity • “Rough beast” as symbol of this new and terrifying age o Sphinx is pitiless, and harvester of death and destruction • A statement about the contradictory forces at stake in history at the time • Yeats believes each individual soul is connected to a universal intelligence T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock  • Completed in 1910 or 1911 • Published in 1915 • Examination of the modern man: overeducated, eloquent, neurotic, emotionally, fragmented • Variation on the dramatic monologue • Name of Prufrock doesn’t sound like one normally associated with a love song • Title is ironically undercut o Contrast between “love song” and the “Prufrock” o Anti-love song • Epigraph: Dante’s Inferno o El
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