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Professional Writing: Process and Practice EN 1700 – Fall/Winter 2009/2010 – Jan Rehner Lecture 2 – Current Traditional Method / Composition Theory / Process Writing / Post Process Theory / Thinking of Thinking – Sept 21 Current Traditional Method - Products centered -> modes of discourse -> linear model. - Product centered: 5 paragraph structure. - Modes of discourse: different styles and forms of writing – descriptions, comparisons. - Linear model: one method. o Analyzing the assignment o Read and makes notes. o Formulate a thesis o Organize o Draft o Revise o Product - Thesis statement required (clear and concise) - Product is assessed through rules – dos and don’ts. - Assignments are rule bond, making writers to critical in the process of their writing. - Too focused on the rules. Composition Theory - Pedadogy – is the practice of teaching. - ‘Rely less at first on doubting and more on believing. Less on self-criticism and more on imagination.’ - Process of ideas, focus on the actual act of writing. Process Writing - Process -> o -> social (Faigley & Bizzell) o -> cognitive (Flower Hayes) o -> Expressive (Elbow) o -> Cognitive & Expressive (Emig) - Writing is not linear. - Process that is recursive; redoing, revising. - Normal. - Multiple strategies – different ways to start. - Writing is the most powerful tool for thinking. - Not just for communicating but also discovery. Expressive - Elbow, Emig. o Elbow – Agency of the individual writer. You have voice that a writer brings to every piece. Most powerful: Conscious and Unconscious mind. o Emig – Creative recognition: when the writer is so focused that the rest of the world is disappearing.  Rituals and fetishes when writing – you can only write at a particular time or place.  We do these compulsive acts – in order to overcome the struggle to write the first word.  Pre-writing: pacing and thinking research.  Writing/drafting: taking part of the bigger structure.  Revision: is not editing, it is re-thinking. Cognitive - Flower, Hayes - Monitor – is the inner voice that oversees wh
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