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Gender Studies II EN2012 – Winter 2011 – Terry Goldie Lecture 10 – ‘Written on the Body’ – Mar 17 Frankie Valli’s Walk like a Man - Masculinity – leather everywhere, short hair (common for men in most societies in the world) about gangs. - Signs that indicate narrator’s gender. o Punching Elgin (male). o Slapping Jacqueline (female). o Commitment-phobia (male). o Falling in love (female). - Peeps behind bush – a typical male trait, fascination with the men at the urinals – could be signifiers that the author is female. - General narrator of the book is not unlike the author. - Why so much interest in science? You cannot tell the absolute gender of the narrator, one can deduce characteristics that allude to the gender but there is no clear identification. - Science is dependable, definitive, gives an object reality. - Elgin: medical doctor, different as a human being since parents are Orthodox Jews living in London, father is a chemist. - Orthodox Jews: presumably religion is the opposite of science, the essence of a person is given to you by God – people who believe in religion believe this. - Presumption is that gender is at least based on biological sex; trajectory between sex and gender is what one appears. - Gender neutral pronouns: ze. - Weinberg believes in being true to what you have always been, as opposed to Nori (in the video clip) believes being true to you who are now. - The idea of that bi-sexuality is not a viable quality: people can be gay one day or straight the next but not at the same time; In the clip, Nori admits that she acts like a female with one group of friends, but acts like a male with other friends. - In each case, someone who believes very strong in the ethnic aspect of themselves but their appearance and name is categorized (by others) into another space – naturally people categorize others. - Categories can change, but these categories still exist –
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