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Gender Studies II EN2012 – Winter 2011 – Terry Goldie Lecture 8 – ‘The Translator’ – Mar 3 Freedom vs. Justice - About the justice society and religion in society. - The idea of justice is really about freedom – our idea of justice tends to be what inhibits freedom the least. - When we see something that is unjust, it is often something that allows one person to inhibit the freedom of someone else. - The people of the book – have a quoted understanding of the world – there is a text that explains the world to them. o Jewish o Muslims o Christians - Secular societies – common sense. - Religious societies – faith and morality, WWJD. - Morality is essential as a religious concept. - Religion gives you truth in a way that nothing else gives you truth – if you have faith you have a larger truth. - Ray says ‘this is a real belief’ – religious belief. - There is an essence to you that presides your existence which is God – it precedes you and shapes everything about you. - Your decisions have to be made in accordance to that larger truth. Hijab - There are constant discussions about the hijab and people who wear it and don’t. - It’s controversial. - Is a statement of that truth – it quotifies your life in order to fit that truth. - Ray thought of the hijab as secretive in a positive sense. Prayer/Religion - Public prayer – a sense of affirmation in your prayer. - The truth of your religion comes from god – but is affirmed by public prayer. - Allah o A part of everything. - It’s a kind of fatalism – when her husband dies. - The idea of God having an absolute control over everything and having a control over things that may go badly. - Triangle: a man, a woman and god. - Allah is not something that comes between them but something that completes them. - She knows that unless her triangle is completed it’s not possible to have that relationship because religion is so important to her. Sense of Home - Ray – Scotland. - Rays’ home is not a positive place – the relationships with his daughter and his wife – there isn’t much sense of home. - When summer goes she thinks her life is there but that is not an answer. - Our religion is not a religion without suffering – our religion has no place. - Islam is so place centric – 9/11 – the assumption is that Islam is about Middle East. - Religions don’t have a place, religions are about God and they are about a larger place. Sharia - ‘Women get stoned for adultery’. - Gives you a judicial system that reflects the justice. - It imposes t
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