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EN 2230
Geoff Hamilton

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn November 21  Huck doesn't like socializing, he loves being alone and loves being outside of civilized convention  Public Huck is pressured to conformity, to racism (treating Jim as property); private Huck respects Jim and dislikes conformity  Huck is always lying in the book; he knows he has to lie in the public society if he wants to protect his private self  This novel is in part a satire  Addresses the duality of appearance and reality  Provocative when it was published, and still is today  Huck: his father is out of the picture; he's governed by a group of women who impose rules on him, which he hates - he hates all the rules, hates being inside all the time, feels much better when he's closer to nature  p. 1278 - ideological resistance; satirical - once he finds out Moses has been dead a long time, he dismisses him b/c he doesn't think he's relevant, you don't need authorities/old books to tell you how to live; Huck doesn't simply say no to the social world and everything - he's curious, he loves the outdoors, leisure, contemplating the universe on his own solitary terms  Huck tests the authority of those around him; he's told that if he prays he'll get what he wants - doesn't get what he wants so he's disillusioned and says he's not going to rely on that convention  p. 1286 - genies & lanterns; Huck gives up on the idea of genies; again, testing conventi
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