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Lecture 7

EN 3174 Lecture 7: EN 3174 - Winter

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EN 3174
Kathryn Walton

EN 3174 02.09.17 Annotated Bibliography/Final Research Paper • Annotated Bibliography due March 2 (10%)d o Can get an extension if you need it o Prep for research paper, find sources (primary/secondary) for that final paper; if you decide to choose your topic you can change your mind o 2 Primary source  one of the course texts; must be included in annotated bibliography; must be properly referenced o Can’t use sources you used in your first essay o 4 Secondary sources  1 scholarly book by a single author, 1 recent scholarly journal article, 1 collection of essays/an anthology, 1 secondary source of your choice o Evaluate the source, good or bad; description of the source and its relatability to your topic o Get confirmation on the “Original and the Retelling” option • Final Research Paper due March 30 th Potter-mania • One of, if not, the most popular book series of all time • By the time the 7 book came out, it became the fastest selling book of all time • Term that is associated with the fervour surrounding the books • These books have also been condemned by religious groups as promoting black magic, J.K. Rowling was accused of being a witch attempting to promote a following of Satan • Success of the Book o J.K. Rowling  the characters and the way they relate to each other o Alan Rickman  great story telling, there’s an honesty and relatability about it; allows audience to immerse themselves in it o Critics  rich imagination, creating an immersive world, lots of detail, phenomenon/fad that takes over the world ▪ These are not children’s books, one of the most important things she accomplished was to take stigma away from children’s literature being simple and only for children • Crossover Book  a book that spans the sometimes spurious division between children’s fiction and adult fiction; everyone reads it, it’s not for one specific book; emphasizes that this distinction isn’t legit but the categorization is put on books without the need of that distinction; doesn’t need a label; providing a new cover for the book in a second edition makes it more “acceptable” for adult readers to be seen reading o Children’s literature is seen as lesser than adult literature o Success asks us to consider the nature of literature for children and how we can extend these boundaries The Author • Born in England • Interesting in writing stories from a young age, had the idea for harry potter while waiting for a delayed train at King’s Cross Station • Suffered personal trauma when her mother died of MS • Failed marriage, not a lot of money, single parent • Philosopher’s Stone manuscript was rejected by many publishers, eventually published in 1997 2 • Second marriage, two other children, lives in Scotland • Her story is part of the reason she’s a popular figure, failing in her life but coming back to enormous success • Discusses the benefits of her failure; rags to riches/Cinderella story The Storytelling • The Style of the Narrative o Third person narration o Free Indirect Discourse (example on pg. 3 “but on the edge of town”) ▪ Pg. 1, chapter 1 • Mr. Dursley • Enhances the characterizations, gives more insight without having to explain; free way of developing character • Key way the author draws readers from primary to secondary world ▪ Pg. 73 • Told from Harry’s perspective, enhanced by the fact that Rowling narrates through Harry; he doesn’t know what he’s getting into; the narrator should know that these things are true, by hiding that knowledge she makes the mome
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