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York University
Environmental Studies
ENVS 1000
Rebecca Jubis

ENVS 1000 WINTER TERM - SUGGESTED RESEARCH ESSAY TOPICS The research essay in this course should be from 10-15 pages in length, in a 12 point font, and not excessively wide margins. It must be referenced substantially and appropriately (approximately 7 or more references for a research essay) containing non-Web page references, and be original work. The following is a short suggested list of topics. Alternative suggestions, from students, are welcome, in consultation with the Teaching Assistant and/or the Professor. The essay is due in your tutorial the week of March 11 . It is also possible to do Projects in this course, which require the approval of the TA and the professor. 1. The Case of Biogenetic Engineering: What are the potential Environmental Implications? 2. What should Canada’s response to Climate Chang e be, beginning in the year 2013 ? 3. There are very few contemporary songs/works of music/art about the environment that are worthwhile. Identify and discuss at least 3 of these songs/works, and the role of music/art in environmental issues more generally. 4. The science of many environmental issues is changing very rapidly. Pick an issue of concern to you and discuss the impacts ofan altered understanding of the facts or the related sci ence(s) on its outcome. 6. Compare standard neo-classical economic theory with the emerging theory of ecological economics. 7. Explore and discuss in detail the environmental writings and ideas of (one of): Thoreau, Shakespeare, Aldo Leopold, Gary Snyde r, John Livingsto
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