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Lecture 4

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York University
Environmental Studies
ENVS 2100
Timothy Leduc

ENVS 2100 Lecture 4 9/30/2013 8:31:00 AM Wise shifts in climate science Various climate science actors:  Enormous social complex with various actors Rachel Carson Silent Springs video 1) varying interpretations of nature/wilderness-cultural relations 2) Cultural influences Week 4: What is wild education?  Wilde education  A Toronto/Livingston view  Plumwood’s insight  Gruenewald Wild education – gets at who we are, and where we are. John Livingston: concerned with wild education in Toronto. Suggests that the failure of conservation is not ‘out there.’ The failure is rooted in the fact that ppl are part of the prob.  …the things I values –such as birds- are being destroyed by other things I also value: human life. The conflicts and paradoxes are staggering.  The paradox becomes how to love both things when something from your culture is responsible for the destruction of the other Val Plumwood:  Her experience, presented to her a lesson about vulnerability of humankind that is still known to indigenous cultures, but lost to the t
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