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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 on Overview of landscape ecological principles and concepts

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York University
Environmental Studies
ENVS 3710
Sam Benvie

Terms of reference project - Brief 10 – 15 minutes power point presentation - 2 + ecosystems: write about the inter – relationships between or among them - 10 page report (exclusive of graphics, image, tables and charts) - 3 key dates: proposal, outline and report and presentation o Proposal outline – oct 15 (5 marks)  Part one  Statements 500 words  Purpose statement: tell the essentials of we would like to do  Part two  Describe in board global terms – the ecosystem that we are working with, the location, the area, the general description of soil and geological locations, body of water  Summary of the context (nothing lives within isolation)  Topographical map/plan are required (google maps)  Official name  Part three  List of references – attentive  Anything electronic or in print  Organizational outline – how you are going to set up your report (how you are going structure your report) o Report – nov 12 (5 marks)  Include photographs, maps, plans, charts and graphics to help explain the text o Presentation – nov 19 – 26 (10 marks)  Give everyone a chance to answer question on that site  Going to a site on how to put together a presentation - Format: 8.5” X11” or maps 11” X 17” and an easy font size (avoid anything with serifs) – use comic sans - Double sided or bounded - PowerPoint presentation – no more than 18 slides – everything should have your student number, course code, student name and date on it Example: Bloor and Younge (Rosedale valley rd) – 3 different types of ecosystem - 5 hectors - Residential area, train system … - River bed, and trees that grow on both bottom and top of the river bed Example: more formal, large park space (younge st and avenue rd) - Tennis courts - Baseball diamond - “brick works were first located where the tennis courts were” - Residential turned onto the park land - Davenport the bottom of the ravine - 15 hectors *when at site: make sure you take a 8.5” X 11” sample of the dominant species Landscape ecology - Interested in landscape ecology in how these interaction are institutional land use - Right: aspen parkland; prairie and Boral forest - Left: part of the devastation in soviet central Asian (has been salted by integration – ecological disaster in south western Asian; aerial seas – was one of original seas that covered the earth) - Point of view: institutional use of land, inter - dependable on each other - Central driving patterns in ecology Structure - Structure of the landscape, the process that occur within the landscape and the dynamics within the landscape – what does it look like on the landscape o Structure – physical comments are shaped, sized and orientation and configuration (img: urban landscape – roads that are created to get people around) o Scale of perception (subject and scale dependent) o Humans can preserve at many different scales – an experience at multiple systems o Structure – array of patches connected by corridors into networks within a matrix (img: scrub land: Alberta to the USA)
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