NATS 1010 LECTURE NOTES November 28

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Earth, Space Science and Engineering
ESSE 1010
Alireza Panahi

NATS 1010 NOTES 11/28/13 -Diff. types of plane pictures can be taken all in one go Not all images use full colour -Filters used to remove certain colours + see better *all depending what you want to get and nature of image Black+ White Colour -for panchromatic, IR, UV *specific waves -Normal colour, IR colour -Have to get scale of a photograph -There are 2 formulas to get scale *see slide *MIGHT HAVE SCALE EQU’N Q ON EXAM Scales: Large: small area greater detail size ex: 1/25,000 Small: larger area less detail ex: 1/50,000 -Can get automatic 3D for buildings ORTHOPHOTOGRAPH =to scale + correct geometry Multispectral & Hyperspectral Remote sensing -collection of reflected/emitted/backscatter for area of interest Hyperspectral = hundreds of bands *can get online info +have actual mapping of orbit -Detailed info about bands NEW SLIDES: SPACE GEODESY -Studying shape of earth and gravity -Use spatial + temporal variation on topography + gravity -Also crustal motion, tides, polar motion Measurements: -Theodolite -tacheometry -Geodetic GPS Now: Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) -short pulses of light, observation stations, satellites have re
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