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FILM 1701 Lecture Notes - Fernando Solanas, Octavio Getino, Auteur Theory

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FILM 1701
Michael Zryd

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Week 16: Politics and Third World Cinema
Politics and Third Cinema (Battle of Algiers)
1955: Bundung Conference, Non-Aligned Movement
First World (US/Europe)
Second World (USSR and allies)
Third World (coined by China: Africa, Latin America, Asia)
Fernando Solanas and Octavio Getino, “Towards A Third Cinema.”
-politics characterized by process and change
-proposed categories of film that parallel (but NOT exactly the national categories above)
• First Cinema: Hollywood, commercial, large-scale, big budget
• Second Cinema: “art cinema,” auteur cinema, bourgeois, concerned with individual
psychology, independent production
• Third Cinema: avant-garde, collective/community-based, explicitly political (though with
multiple political programs), challenge orthodoxy, seeking new relation to audience
Michael Chanan, “What determines the Third Cinema is the conception of the world, and not the
genre or the explicitly political approach. Any story, any subject can be taken up by Third
Cinema, Third Cinema is a cinema of decolonization, which expresses the will to national
liberation, anti-mythic, anti-racist, anti-bourgeois, and popular.”