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FILM 2401
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FILM/HUMA2401 10/25/20127:31:00AM FILM Lecture 10/25/12 The Rise of Broadcast Television (1941-1959) Themes in American Television History [1] Industry developed by the private sector [2] Early television industry was an oligopoly (CBS, NBC in the 1950’s, two most important) [3] Commercial, entertainment uses have prevailed over education uses Sponsors became an early player in the television industry. Paid for programs and were responsible for getting shows on the air. Bought airtime to showcase program. Network was not responsible for producing programs; they were responsible for airing it. The Situation Comedy (Sit-Com) A radio genre in the US before it moved to television I Love Lucy (1951-1957) Ran for 6 seasons and was number 1 for 4 of them. When it went off air after 180 days, it was still number 1 Made by an independent production company Desilu One of the first television series to be filmed Desilu is also known for producing. 2 other popular shows in the 1960’s—Star Trek and Mission Impossible, bought out by Gulf & Western (Paramount’s parent company at the time in 1967) The Cold War An inter-imperial rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union The 2 “superpowers” competed with each other in economic
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