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Lecture 2

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York University
FILM 2401
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

Lecture 2 The origins of the studio • Movies began movein west coast. • in LA - Hollywood - improved conditions longer daylight, few seaonsal changes. • Motion pictures patents company - MPPC founded in 1908 biggest equpiment manufacture fiml producer distributiors created trust • combines 9 companies- edison, bio, vitagraph selig.etv • attempt to monoplize the industry- competiros had to pay licesne fee • indie companies wekaned them, not able to develop enough film form americn demand • MPPC dissovled numer of dist exhib and prod already in place would beocome and oligoply. Labour • new york was union tow, los angles not • early movie moguls keep unions out of industry • wages cheaper in la cas to NY 1908 most movies companiesmove west DW Griffith • most influential director • devleoped eddiing approach • film makes followed him • between 08 -13 amade 500 hundred films • and towared expresive enteritain art form • important silent gilms made featre fils Feature of American movie Bussiness 1. Shooting script - thomas ince broguht towardrs making the film operate like other major industires - assembly line production. screenplay as bluepring - pyramdi of labout hiherarchy tio mniddle and lower woreker 2. Production organized around stars and genres- star system - movie moguls realized certain actors more demadn then othres. mary pcikford and charlie chapin - using their names to promotie - leverage popularirdu -1919 acrots pickord chapplin and griffith and fairbanks created united artists product and dist compnay of own.-stars way to diffrentiate between others. -more of a marketing stratefy - promotionm, publicity and media. Chaplin • intresting figure early cinemea- recognized as little tramp -consisten priviglegin or working class people univeral symbol could idneitry town to twon job to job work in capitliest society • 3.exhbition- larger atractive thatres lmovie palace thousands of patron MPPDA • motion picture producers and distributors founded in 1922 • Headed by will Hays • Dealt with Public Relations censorship and labor relation Academy of motion picture arts and sciences, • Founded in 1927 as a kind of company to forestall unionization of creative talen and skilled professionals. • famous for its annual awards. • As hollywood became more succesful more conflict among people that were in the industy • and some of the most sucessful movies that were made. The early studio system and vertical intergation • production • distribution • exhibition • by 1930's hollywood was an oligoply dominated by mgm warner brothers etc. • involved in all parts of the movies such as the 3 above^ • by 1930's established, revolved around studios in los anagels, developed organization around scripts and Film as Art • influence of german expressiosm 1919- 1926 • German filmmakeer come to us and teach this style to other filmakers becomes a major inflece on american films • visual style began to produced become successful many great filmd directors. • This style was flourished by german cultu
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