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FILM 2401
Kispal- Kovacs Kovacs

November 24, 2011 Film Lecture 10 HOLLYWOOD’S DECLINE (1945-1970) Movies=form of escape Not a lot of things you could spend your money on during WWII; Factories were converted- for war  Reasons for decline of the studio System 1) A shift to a more consumerist culture at the end of WWII Consumerist dream that was promised in the 1920’s- was put on hold- war production After WWII, government loaned money to veterans to go to university & gave them home loans to but their houses = influenced development of Sub-urban Government wanted to build road infrastructure( infastae highway system= connect cities together allowed possibility of making sub-urban a popular places to go =Created inanition for Sub-urban (no theatres in suburbs) 2) Rise of suburbs- old theatres down town During the war tremendous demand for housing (people immediately after war , developers began building houses on the peripheral of cities (land was cheap- moving out of city to outskirts of the suburbs Demanded that factories make products that were needed 3) Demographics  Baby boom (WWII America couples didn’t want to have children because of anxieties? Will my husband come back? Alive? Will I have a job? After WII 1946-66- couples wanted to have kids in large numbers Implication:  Parents stay home 4) Legal problems for the majors (Paramount decision & Consent decrease 1947)  In trouble with courts because the Big 5 was in control (continually sued & filed law suits) Creating restraint affecting trade In 1940 government decided that Big 5 had to get rid of its anti-competorBIG5 practices 5) McCarthyism and the Black List (Hollywood destroy itself) Communist & infrastructure Movie industry became terrified (didn’t want government interfering with movie business) Black List: communist could no longer work in film/ TV related industries 6) The rise of television as a popular mass medium Don’t go out and pay a fee; watch TV at home Becomes a substitute as a form of entertainment for people who went to theatres prior  In areas such as Suburbia- parents could stay home  EFFECTS OF THE BREAK-UP OF THE SYSTEM 1) Star power increases (new form of employment- if they don’t like the amount of $ they are being paid they don’t have to come back – go
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