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York University
French As A Second Language
FSL 1000
Mirela Cherciov

Sept. 17, 2012 FSL 1000 - Lecture #2 Cours Magistral II Letters: * 26 lettres * 36 phonemes (36 different sounds) 130+ ways to write these sounds Some Vocabulary: l'épelur - to spell il plongea - to jump into something (past tense) regarder la tele - to watch tv. parler - to speak nez - nose pied - foot volontiers - It was my pleasure (after someone says thanks) coeur - heart pour - for gouter - to taste bateau - boat drole - funny autre - another sympa (sempa) - cute and funny ennui - boredom, ennuyeux - boring paille - straw bague - ring jupe - skirt Année vs. Age année - Year (puts focus on duration) Age - For age tojours - always toute la journée - all day long toute l'anée - all year long toute la matinée - all morning long Good Bilingual dictionary - Je vs. moi Moi - when you want to put more emphasis on you Eg. Toi toujours la retardes! (You are always late!) Excusez-moi (Polite) Excuses -moi (Less polite) Nationalities If name of country starts with a vowel and ends with e, it might be feminine Forms of To: Au vs. En vs. A` A - to A la - to the (fem sing) -Je vais a la bibliothéque Au - to the (masc) - a + le = au - eg. a le Canada becomes au Canada -eg. Je vais a le magasin becomes Je vais au magasin (masc sing) -eg. Je vais a les Étas-Unis becomes Je vais aux Étas-Unis (masc plu) En - "to" and "in" (used for countries & large regions) Some Pronounciation Rules "s" between two vowels - pronounced like "z" Eg. angalais (anglay), anglaise (anglez) Nothing on "e", we don't read it Avoir - To have J'ai Tu as Il/Elle a Nous avons Vous avez Ils/elles ont Étre - To be Je suis Tu es Il/Elle est Nous sommes Vous étes Ils/elles sont Vocabulary for the Class Le Professeur Écoutez - Listen Répétez - Repeat Regardez - Look Répondez - Respond/Answer Lisez - Read Écrivez - Write Vous avez compris - Did you understand? Travaillez par deux/ en groupes - Work in two / in groups Faites l'exercice - Do the exercise Faites attention! - Pay attention! Ouvrez/Fermez vos livres/ ordinateurs - Open/Close your books Entrez/Sortez -Enter/Exit L'étudiant Oui, je comprends - Yes, I understand Non, je ne comprends p
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