GEOG 1000 Lecture Notes - Developed Country

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31 Jan 2013
Compare the impact of colonialism on Africa's and North America's current situation.
1. Africa: Negative impact
Africa is currently suffering from poverty, famine, etc
o Colonialism did not help Africa flourish into a developed country
o Pre-colonial Africa was very powerful
There were powerful Kingdoms
They had an abundance of valuable resources
Elaborate trade systems/networks
Potential to be very powerful
Many African countries are exploited for their resources:
o China exploits many African countries for their oil.
o The African countries that are exploited are the only countries that redeem
some benefit from these outside countries (such as China).
o Increased dependency on countries such as China, as these countries
promise African nations that they will help them develop…not the case.
o Corruption is occurring, primarily within the government of African
o Refer to assignment 4 about the trade among China and Africa
China promised to build railways, schools, etc and have not
In return, African nations have given China oil and other natural
o Certain countries in Africa are richer than others due this.
For example, if one compares the wealth of South Africa and
Early colonialists ventured into Africa for personal economic gain:
o Prior to colonization, Africa and Europe were trading partners
Africa was able to withstand the Europeans at this point
Africa has a good army
o Early colonialists divided and then conquered African countries
o They would wage countries into civil dispute then take over them, and put
corrupt individuals into power.
o Early colonialists believed that they were going to these countries to
spread their “sphere of influence” and help modernize and civilize the
o They caused more harm then good
o The resources in Africa were too good for the Europeans not to attempt to
o 1884 a meeting in Berlin to decide which European nation gets what part
of Africa
Shows how the European countries believed that they are allowed
to go into another continent and take over and rule.
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