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Question: Compare the impact of colonialism on Africa's and North America's current situation. 1. Africa: Negative impact  Africa is currently suffering from poverty, famine, etc o Colonialism did not help Africa flourish into a developed country o Pre-colonial Africa was very powerful  There were powerful Kingdoms  They had an abundance of valuable resources  Elaborate trade systems/networks  Potential to be very powerful  Many African countries are exploited for their resources: o China exploits many African countries for their oil. o The African countries that are exploited are the only countries that redeem some benefit from these outside countries (such as China). o Increased dependency on countries such as China, as these countries promise African nations that they will help them develop…not the case. o Corruption is occurring, primarily within the government of African countries. o Refer to assignment 4 about the trade among China and Africa  China promised to build railways, schools, etc and have not  In return, African nations have given China oil and other natural resources o Certain countries in Africa are richer than others due this.  For example, if one compares the wealth of South Africa and Mozambique  Early colonialists ventured into Africa for personal economic gain: o Prior to colonization, Africa and Europe were trading partners  Africa was able to withstand the Europeans at this point  Africa has a good army o Early colonialists divided and then conquered African countries o They would wage countries into civil dispute then take over them, and put corrupt individuals into power. o Early colonialists believed that they were going to these countries to
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