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York University
GEOG 2075
Bruce Erickson

September 30 & Oct 1 - Control and Resistance Sherene Razack – “When place becomes race.” In Razack, S (Ed). Race, Space and the Law: Unmapping a White Settler Society, pp 1-20. (2002) Toronto: Between the Lines. (Moodle) -an indian reserve) a judge of the manitoba court of appeal commented that its logic was bothon spatial and racial [place becomes race] -Place becomes race through the law -Such spaces re organized to sustain unequal social relations and how these relations shape spaces -A white settler society is one established by europeans on non european soil -Its origins lie in the dispossession and near extermination of indigenous populations by the conquering europeans -White settler society continues to be structured by a racial hierarchy -White people were first to develop land and aboriginal people are presumed to be dead or assimilated -European thus the original inhabitants and group most entitled to the fruits of citizenship -NA was assumed to be peacefully settled and not colonized -Mythologies or national stories are about a nations origins and enable citizens to think of themselves as part of a community (who belongs and who doesnt) -If aboriginal people are consigned forever to an earlier space and time, people of colour are scripted as late arrivals -In this way, slavery, indentureship and labour exploitation are all handily forgotten in an official national story of european enterprise -Story installs europeans as entitled to the land, a claim that is codified in law -In the first phase of conquest we see the relationship between law, race and space in the well known legal doctrine of terra nulls (empty inhibited land) -Already inhabited nations were simply legally deemed to be uninhabited if the people were not christian, not agricultural, not commercial, not sufficiently evolved or simply in the way -Aboriginal people had to go to court to prove they exist -Made to believe canada was inhibited -Norther people are identified with strength and liberty and then southern are viewed as the opposite: degenerate, effeminate and associated with tranny -Radicalized population seldom appear on the settler landscape as other than this racial shadow (merely part of the natural environment to be cleared ) -1990s the land is besieged and crowded by third world refugees and migrants who are drawn to canada by the legendary niceness of european canadians -Terrorist attacks just made us more colour aware -Refugees must be given time to learn respect for canadian culture and original citizens must be given time to know who they can trust -To contest white peoples primary claim to the land and to the nation requires making visible aboriginal nations whose lands were stolen and whose communities remain imperilled - The racialized structure of citizenship that characterizes contemporary canada -Just as mapping colonized lands enabled europeans to imagine and legally claim that they had discovered and therefore owned the lands of the new world, unmapping is intended to undermine the idea of white settler innocence and to uncover the ideologies and practices of conquest and domination -In unmapping there is an important relationship between identity and space -Belief that the white settler societies can transcend their bloody beginnings and contemporary inequalities by remembering and confronting the racial hierarchies and structure our lives -Canadian law in producing and sustaining a racial social order -Racial hierarchies come into existence through patriarchy and capitalism, each system of domination maturely constituting the other -Geographers sometimes think they own the concepts associated with space, legal scholars guard the gates to the study of the law, sociologist lay claim to the social identities and social inequalities as their own objects of study -Nongeographers are not well qualified to engage in spatial theory -We acknowledge from the start a partial incomplete access to each discipline, we deliberately reject the boundaries created by them -Racial projects come into being and are sustained through a wide number of practices, both material and symbolic -Space as a social product -Either we fill space or nature fills space -Space develops organically -We often reason poor districts are simply occupied by recently arrived immigrants who will move up to more affluent spaces -Symbolic meaning of space -Space is the result of unequal emotion relations -A theory of space he maintains has to cut through the dominate notion of space as innocent and as more real than the subject, his thought and his desires -Keeps it on a purely descriptive level that doesnt show dialectical relationship between spaces and bodies -Doesnt show how symbo
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