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Lecture- Video Clip Reel Injun Alfred Article, King Article

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GEOG 4095
Joel Regehr

GEOAborSept 23 2011ActivityTalkers and Listeners on course websitewhat about when talking is related to grading does this make you talk more or lesswhat about group sizewhat about your knowledge of the subject youre discussingimagine youre at a coffee shop to help people speakSmarties activityafter you use all your smarties no more talking Encourages listeners to talk more because free room two stories related to your learning of the history of colonization and relation to Native Peoplestereotypes VIDEO CLIP Reel Injunindians often portrayed as spiritual noble and freeThomas Edison shot lms of Native Americans with dances of Native AmericansPine Ridge reservation genocideshot hundreds of aboriginals men women children The romance of the tragedyhollywood fashion designers Movies in 30s Native Americans similar to Afr Americans were props to keep it simple for viewers kept all indians looking like plain
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