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Lecture - Article City of Changes, NARP newsletter

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GEOG 4095
Joel Regehr

N o v1 12 0 1 1Film We Shall RemainWounded kneeinterviewed government ofcials involved in itJames WilsonBBC journalist wrote booktwo hour documentary and book on The Earth Shall WeepARTICLE City of the Changes Indigenous People and the Transformation of Seattles Watersheds from book Native Seattle in Seattle native people pushed out so reserves created around Seattlein Vancouver reserves created in Vancouverboth cities key port cities so dominated with industrial labour over last 100 years but in last 20 years moved towards more of tech economy Throughout its history Seattle has had a push pull with native peopleessay topic Olympics and BC Native Imageryselling tourism etc using native materials How does this affect Native people use trees and toem polls as a way to get you think about the environment there and interacting with itColonizaton occurring for 100 or so years on west coast opposed to hundred of years on east coast Seattle starts as a port city The railroad becomes import as it connects Seattle to Chicago and south to Portland So it becomes more politically important Native people are not actively involved in how Seattle will take shape Settlers needed access to land so one approach was to offer another place to go create reservations sometimes in spaces
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