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Lecture: Expectations for Paper, Alcatraz, Video: Secrets of Alcatraz

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GEOG 4095
Joel Regehr

Can take until mid dec to hand in assignment Can send prof a rough copy give him a couple of days to look at it send by Dec 2 and ask prof for extension hand in Dec 10 Expectations for an A paper Well organized Few grammatical errors Good ow and sentence structure Well researched 35 secondary sources used Can incorporate others opinions and mine as well eg topic native courts introintrobackgroundwhat are the courts and connection to citieslook at cases newspaper articlesany formatting style as long as were consistentlike footnotes Chicago good Alcatraz its resistance and relations to cityDIscussion on how spaces produced how we remember them post Alcatraz essayreferencedont want unprofessional sources Maybe have 8 academic and then use sources like magazines that are not fully academicA we can talk about how websites form an opinion etc but dont pull facts from them So can consider it as a primary sour
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