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GEOG 4210
Kathy Young

SLIDE 1 Results 3.1 Lake A -pH and conductivity are very constant for both July and March - Radon concentrations detected in lake fairly low, but still detectable - Concentrations in March were ~50% higher than the mean value for July (0.85 3 Bq/m ) - However, during July campaign radon degassing did occur SLIDE 2 - sediment of Lake A found to be distributed homogenously over 5 sample points - nature of sediment material did not allow experimental determination of diffusive radon flux term F diff - lowest value of the four radon concentrations detected during July campaign (3-A, Table 1) was considered to be representative of diffusive radon inputs from sediment into lake  i.e. sum of the radon sink terms (λRnIRn+F ) valiatmor sampling point 3-A was assumed to be balanced by F onlydiff -by applying Eq(1): Fadv + Fdiff +λRnIRa= λRnIRn+Fatm, found that diffusive radon flux at point 3-A 2 estimated to be 0.17±0.10 Bq/m /d -for calculation of radon inventory of lake water an average depth of 1 m was used - radon concentration in atmosphere was measured to be very close to that of weather station and showed an average value of 0.94±0.50 Bq/m (July)3 -by applying Eq(3): 1.6 -2/3 OR -1/2 K 600.45 (u ) 10 (SC/600) ,the radon transfer velocity amounts to 1.07 cm/h -measured radon concentration (1900±905 Bq/ m ) was very close to average radon 3 concentration determined by sediment equilibrium experiments (2300±1120 Bq/ m ) - considered higher value as better estimate for groundwater end member to be conservative in discharge estimates SLIDE 3 3 -Average values for all four lake water concentrations (0.85±0.24 Bq/ m ) was used for the estimation of advective groundwater input into lake, which amounts to Fadv= 0.14±0.10/ m /d 2 3 - for lake surface of 111 900 m , ground water input into lake A amounts to 210±174 m / month - since lake water volume is 112 300 m , small input rate indicates that groundwater composes a minor component of overall water budget Section 3.3 (Af
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