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Lecture 3

GK 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Preposition And Postposition, Accusative Case, Rough Breathing

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GK 1000
Susanna Lewis

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GK 1000 Class Notes 09/19/2013
Subject: usually nominative
Parts of Speech: different types of words whose endings will change depending on the sentence
(nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc)
Endings tell you how the word is functioning
Definite Article & the adjective must agree:
should agree in number, case & gender
dual number applies to things in pairs
Gender: can be masculine, female or neuter
Prepositional Phrase: a phrase that includes a preposition
look for prepositions at the beginning of a sentence
Article: “the”
is always at the beginning of a word
means “the”
is a specialized adjective
always unchanging
Example: - the or - the ὁ ἡ
Accents & Breathings:
breathings go on top of vowels
occur at the beginning of a sentence
= smooth breathing / = accute accent (raise voice) = circumflex (stress the vowel)Ⅽ ⁀
= rough breathing \ = grove (low voice) (long vowels)
Groves: used as accents when more words follow
if no words follow, then an accute accent is used
groves indicate that another word is following
TV = expecting a direct object in accusative case
IV = not expecting a direct object
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