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Lecture 25

GWST 1502 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Moodle, Dualism, A Reminder

Gender and Women's Studies
Course Code
GWST 1502
hannah ligon

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GWST 1502.6 Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies 2019
Professor C. Bigwood Response Papers Please keep this document for second term.
You have 7 Response Paper assignments, (3 in the Fall term and 4 in the Winter term). Your
response papers should be about 350-750 words long, typed and double spaced. Each
response paper is worth 5%, which totals 35% of your final mark.
1. LATE RESPONSE PAPERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (unless the student was ill for
example and has documentation to support his or her excuse). They are due in class on the day
of the reading.
2. Response papers should be typed, double spaced and about 350-500 words long.
3. These response papers should be comprised of your OWN REFLECTIONS. Please DO NOT
be tempted to DO EVEN A QUICK ONLINE SEARCH to get ideas since for these response
papers, such a search will constitute plagiarism. Be assured that you do not need to sound like an
academic in these response papers. Just write clearly, honestly, and thoughtfully.
4. As well as submitting a HARD COPY to your tutorial instructor to mark, an ELECTRONIC
COPY must be submitted to This website searches for any sentences or even
combination of words that appear on other electronic sources such as websites or previous
student submissions.
Due Dates and Topics
Response One: Sept 24: As much as possible in your own words, write a summary of the
article “Freaks and Queers” outlining what you think are the main points the author wants
readers to understand. You should aim to explain the author’s position as fully, fairly and
accurately as possible. Read the article carefully and right to the end. Make sure you do not
moralize or express your outrage, or pity at how freaks were treated. Emotional inflammatory
language does not encourage clear thinking and has no place in this academic assignment. Do not
quote large sections of the text since this will reduce your mark. If you are quoting phrases or
sentences from the text rather than using your own words, choose them wisely and you do need
to insert quotations marks and give the page number (H&R, page number). Please go over
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