HIST 4061 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Multicultural Education

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13 Aug 2016
Race notes week 19
Carol Lee: Profile of an Independent Black Institution
- American school reform efforts focus on simply solutions to problems:
oA.A. history in curriculum of inner-city schools increases self-esteem in black youth,
single sex schools for black males etc.
- Rather than simply complain and react, the independent African centered school movement has
taken a proactive stance, defining within a community context the possibilities and gifts that
Black children offer the world, and creating institutions to manifest its ideals
- New Concept Development Centre (independent black institution) strives to educate and
socialize A.A. children to assume their future roles as political, intellectual, spiritual and
economic leaders in their communities
oTheir vision is one where blacks are self-reliant, productive, self-defining, and firmly root
in family and community
- However, no matter how many independent schools there are, there is not enough for all A.A.
- Efforts to reform urban schools are focusing on providing greater autonomy at the school site
level and establishing community based school councils with formal input from teaching staff
- Most of the early NCDC staff, although college-trained, had little formal experience working with
young children
Stephen May: 1-7
- White or middle class students tend to do better academically at school than children from
ethnic minority backgrounds
- Reproduction theorists effectively dismantled the previous liberal democratic view of education
oThe view had held that education was neutral and that any differences in educational
attainment were thus the responsibility of particular individuals and groups
- Failures of certain individuals was attributed to the deficiencies in family, class and ethnic
oFor ethnic minorities, educational failure is attributed to individual and group
- Education reflects the interests and expectations of the dominant social and ethnic groups
within society
- Disadvantaged groups are faced with discontinuities between home and school
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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