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Class Notes for History at York University (YORKU)

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YORKHIST 2100Ben KellyWinter

Plutarch's Life of Elder Cato (Assigned Reading) Summary of the Cato's Life. Focuses on his lifestyle (simple and cheap) compared to the norms of Rome (extravagant). His political, social and military contritions. (Autobiography)

OC178244 Page
Cato and aristides were passionate about teach the people about morals; honest and traditional virtues. Cato was interested in building his estate but
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YORKHIST 2500William WickenWinter

HIST 2500 Lecture Notes - Mackenzie Bowell

OC1773083 Page
In 1869; canada takes over rupert"s land (manitoba, northern ontario and. Saskatchewan and alberta: the metis set up a blockade, to prevent people from
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YORKHIST 2100Jeremy TrevettFall

AP:HIST Exam Review Notes -Fall term.pdf

OC35929029 Page
Ap/hist ancient greece & rome december exam review. Passages for comment: plutarch"s life of alexander (section 27) About the author: taught philosophy
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YORKHIST 3850Patrick J ConnorWinter

HIST 3850 Lecture Notes - Clarence Earl Gideon, Ernesto Miranda, In Forma Pauperis

OC592327 Page
Topic: extending civil rights into the 1960"s: the rise of lawyers. Gideon vs. wainwight 1963: clarence earl gideon, age 51, career minor criminal, app
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YORKHIST 3850Patrick J ConnorFall

HIST 3850 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Hand Axe, Fundamental Justice, Scottsboro, Alabama

OC793718 Page
9 offenders popularly known as scottsboro boys. Rooted in great depression, began in 1929. Experiences an unprecedented drought with destroyed agricult
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YORKHIST 3850Patrick J ConnorWinter

HIST 3850 - Murder and other crimes

OC2702105 Page
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YORKHIST 3531Jennifer StephenFall

HIST 3531 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Lower Canada, Class Consciousness, Quarter Session

OC872437 Page
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YORKHIST 1180David KoffmanFall

HIST 1180 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Making Money, One Unit, Reciprocal Altruism

OC12775594 Page
3 fundamental origins of money: barter to trade related to economics. Direct exchange of goods without a medium of exchange. Emerged out of the divisio
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YORKHIST 3850Patrick J ConnorWinter

HIST 3850 Lecture Notes - Matchlock, Personal Identity, Brown Bess

OC251843 Page
Gun murder and gun control in the usa & canada, 1600s-2000s. 1530s french colonists began to arrive and settle in the colony of new france. A lot of th
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YORKHIST 3531Jennifer StephenFall

HIST 3531 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Homosociality, Winnipeg General Strike, Pseudoscience

OC872434 Page
Craig heron, harold, marg, and the boys: the relevance of class in canadian. History. journal of the canadian historical association, v. 20, no. No dir
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YORKHIST 1100Ben KellyFall

HIST 1100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: American Craftsman, La Job, Nocturnal Enuresis

OC3930325 Page
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YORKHIST 1080Molly Ladd- TaylorFall

HIST 1080 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Fatalism

OC6606472 Page
Child health: nature & nurture of childre(cid:374)(cid:859)s bodies. Now child deaths are seen as unnatural and preventable. Assumed that children were
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