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Lecture 4

HLST 2020 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Vertical Integration

Health Studies
Course Code
HLST 2020
Kenneth Lam

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Hospital: a Radical Metamorphosis
- The notion of how a move form neg to a pos aspect from hospital to homes care and
Hospitals in Canada in the pre 1970s
Why the Change?
- Tending
- To nursing care
- Birth of nursing profession to work intend with physicians
Hospitals in Canada After 1870s
- Specialization goes up them competence increases
- Focus on acute care
Acceptances of hospital
- Trying to produce health
- Olden days where ppl go to die
- Seen as a factor that produces health
- Rise of private practitioners
- Are doctors public servants or private distmente
- Private? Private delivery but publicly funded
- Europe
Hospital prior to 1920s
- General patient care was not available back them
- Specific medical procedures were also not available
More on general patient care: Pre 1920s
- Accountability reflection you pay to the medical practice
More on Medical Procedures: Pre 1920s
Role of hospital post world war 2
- Care does not mean can cure
- New change before care not cure
- Cure means follow restoring health
- Seeing major advancement in diagnosis
- Can check wat medical illness one has and can look up treatment
Consolidation of hospital dominance
- Emphasis medical dominance
- Bring in information for lecture 4
- How all these affect hospital the influence and impact
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