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Lecture 3

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Health Studies
HLST 2030
Peter Tsasis

HLST 2030 Lecture 3 – January 24, 2014 Case Issues: • Organizational design; designing the facility • Communication issues between management and employee • Disorganization – confusion, lack of communication • Role clarity - Natalie is unsure of her position at work • Lack of leadership from supervisor (qualifications for position weren’t taken into consideration for Natalie, was just given the job, she didn’t have the 3 years’ experience that was needed) • Utilization and facilitation of feedback (concept of communication and leadership) • Layout facilitates interaction and communication between everyone; there is a disconnection • Lack of team approach • Power and influence • Culture of the organization is their life is revolved around work • Natalie may be seen as a threat in her boss’s eyes (Warlington) because they come from “opposite ends” and their priorities are different; therefore Warlington is trying to set the “ground rules” • Leadership, power, motivation, disjointed organization, no evidence of problem solving, resistance to change, directive management style that doesn’t facilitate anything, responsibility Possible Solutions/Approaches – Refer to LECTURE TWO SLIDES • Leadership aspect; going to have an impact of other themes occurring such as communicat
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