HREQ 1930 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: C. Wright Mills, Visible Minority, White Privilege

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HREQ Lecture 1 2015-11-22
C Wright Mills (page 5)
- Schools are failing you because they only care about grades
- Neutral word critical is high quality thinking
- How to ask the right questions
- Saying to yourself is that all/being open minded
critical thinking = actively engaged rather than reacting
 what keeps you out?
- Visible minority
- Food, clothing, housing, sickness > the social determinant of health
- Federal government needs to know that to redistribute to maintain people
- Need income and social status > very important & main key
- Immigrants & refugees don’t have the same access
- Uber vs taxi, someone going to get killed because angry people making no
- Money plays a role in health
- Need social support networks
- Income allows you to live in a better place
education &literacy important
- Government = education & literacy skills are met in Canada
- This effects jobs = good income
- Guy who speaks English will get the job at an interview vs no English or broken
- False hope of equality in jobs
- New immigrants coming are all at the bottom in Toronto
Social Environment & Physical Environment
- Shootings is not the issue it’s the physical environment
- Shootings can be anywhere
- Area you live in is important
health practices and coping skills
- Foods you eat
- If you drink alcohol or smoke
- How healthy you are
- Do you exercise
 healthy child care / development / education
- Do we invest when they are little or in jails
- One goes to a good home = breakfast, home, doing all things
- One goes to a home with no money
- Setting pave in the beginning is good
- Having equity
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