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Lecture 11

Childhood and Society Lecture 11

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York University
Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1800
Naomi Couto

HREQ1800 Lecture 11 1112012 50000 PMDeveloping the background in Chapters 1 and 2 of Born to BuyThe Sexual Sell Betty Friedan 1963 The Problem With No Name or y the housewifes syndromethe vague and undefined wish for something more than a prosperous suburban domesticity y For Friedan the solution lay in the education and professional training of women y Asks how is it women after WWII were voluntarily lured back into the trap that their grandmothers fought to escape fromSpringing the Old Trap y Note it was Hitler in the 1930s who enforced the notorious three Ks for women Kinder Kuche Kirche children cooking and church y By the 1940s in America a similar slogan was sold to women the disguised glamorized package of the Feminine Mystique y The American Dream were the gilded trappings of the standard middleclass homeThousands of women interviewednone fulfilled as a fulltime housewife y So what kept them trying to be happy y highpowered propaganda machine was put into motion to exalt housewifely and stifle womens desire to for something more y Beginning with the sex directed educators in the schools and colleges this campaign has penetrated into every avenue of mass indoctrinationKey the brainwashers ads got to control what it meant to be Feminine y Main Preoccupation for young women should be the pursuit of a wedding y Sustaining and extending this redirection of women are the powerful molders of public opinion slick magazines for women newspapers TV shows movies novels and all the rest
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