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Human Rights and Equity Studies
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HREQ 1920
Elizabeth Brule

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October 16 - Counting Past Two 10/16/2012 6:00:00 AM Whats wrong with sciences  Reaching conclusions really quick Research concludes to usually what you want to find. Govt. fund groups that want to focus on the differences between humans Anne about FIVE SEXES - She says: the dichotomy between male and females don’t really exist … just a fine blurred line…instead there are five sexes Gender: performed role, - social conventions and ideas within the society about masculinity and feminity Sex: biological designaton and chromosomes Anne says we are just mere points between the spectrum of Male & female There are men who have high voices … and women had facial hair Michelle Fukoh – hermapphrodites is not a diseased state … there is some level of intersexuality. We try to categorized to two separate categories. Whereas (Jemy Lee Curtis) – runway models have XY chromosomes If Sex can be problematized and then so can be gender Sex isn’t the ultimate factor to distinguish and lead to Gender performitivity Just because a male is biological a 100% male doesn’t mean he cant take interest in what may seems very feminine. Intersex Part 1 (youtube) – Hermaphrodite Assignment 10/16/2012 6:00:00 AM Online writing – take advantage more information about it is posted online Purpose is to reflect on the authors analytical positions and your thoughts on it Use five Ws and introduce the article Review the article – authors thesis, supporting evidence/data…what he/she makes of that and what I think of it Only 2 pages The article you can use is … you can use any article up until today …course kit or reader ..(except for biological …reader) Opinions needed to resisted and not mentioned in the paper suspend judgment and think about the problematic and situation … thoughtful … What are the articles implications according to your understanding …? .. embedded she states … she further asserts that Your thesis : its your reflection on their thesis. A thesis requires: analysis …it makes a claim and offers a point of some significance Thesis is built of a claim that is supported by data or evidence but a warrant or reason or analysis .. that is used to support the claim… for the evidence to make any sense … we have to analyze it Data/Claim and Warrant(reason) – all should be part of the thesis Weak thesis : = does not make a claim = a statement of fact Good thesis: =Data =claim = reason/ analysis (attempting to normalize jeans) Pros & Cons Counting Past Two 10/16/2012 6:00:00 AM  Biology can never account for our differences and they fail to understand that our biological bodies are subject to social construct There is a great variance found within biological markers  makes it difficult to fit into ‘Binary Classification’ for male and female questions the biological and physical markers that are used: Anne argues that we need to look at culture and what we make of male and female bodies but also any bodies that is transverse  Biological body being considered (extreme)  we are blank slates and that it is true – that social practices and culture meaning that we acquire gender identity.  The sex body is only relevant into our cultures and how they give meaning to the body. Ex: social construction of menustration … its blue and woman are able to continue living their life.
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