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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 2020
Claudio Colaguori

DEVIANCE HUMAN RIGHTS AND SOCIAL CONTROL LECTURE NOVEMBER 10TH 2011 ✗ PAGE 254-255 no need to read ✗ Today is about social reactions and social movements over time ✗ Need a lot of work and coordination for social movements to work ✗ FILM ✗ Kennedy and Martin Luther King (we became a generation of might have beens after both died) ✗ The 60's ✗ War, racial equality and counter culture, nation rebelled and lost its innocence ✗ Rosa Parks ✗ World was going to change and white men would not control everything ✗ Civil Rights Act: eliminate injustice and declare war on poverty ✗ War in Vietnam ✗ President Johnson had the power to wage war in south eastAsia ✗ Americans accepted the war as a struggle with communism at first ✗ Martin Luther King said that his government promoted violence and that he was ashamed ✗ Reinvent your own world and freedoms to experience new ways of living. These new forms would have to be supported to maintain in society ✗ Competition and conformity, sexual freedom (birth control pill), music and drugs changed the world ✗ Experimenting with drugs and relationships and music ✗ Need to think for ourselves, cannot trust authority ✗ So many people=too many so the institutions could not civilize them ✗ 1) Political Movement 2) Conscious Movement ✗ Everything changed through the language of music ✗ Jimmy Hendrix (smashed guitar and lit it on fire) → symbolized destruction of old social order ✗ Bob Dylan, The Beatles etc they all sang revolutionary messages ✗ White → celebrate love Blacks → identifying with homeland, change in consciousness. Negroes → Black →AfroAmerican ✗ Black Panther Party → Bobby Seale → street organizer ✗ Expanding and developing middle class and an expanding lower class. Racist police force ✗ Black neighborhoods reacted with rage → chaos and destruction ✗ White society created maintained and condoned the Black Ghetto ✗ Anti-war Movement ✗ 12% of the soldiers were Black ✗ Giant protest against the war in Vietnam and all wars ✗ 1968 → The Pivotal year ✗ War had claimed over 15000American lives ✗ The powerful have ceased to be responsible while the powerless tried to take responsibility and make change ✗ They keep saying that oh give me another 10 000 soldiers and we'll finish the job meanwhile they've been saying that for years and people just keep dying ✗ McCarthy Campaign ✗ President stepped down and
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