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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 2020
Claudio Colaguori

DEVIANCE HUMAN RIGHTS ANthSOCIAL CONTROL LECTURE November 17 2011 ✗ Comments on the film from last week: Labeling perspective is important.An act isn't deviant in itself. Power relations and power interests affect how certain acts are defined. Young people started to question authority because they were not happy with the state of affair in the world such as what was taking place in Vietnam.Always sate backlash and state repression. These protests are organized through social media: ICTs. Part of the freedom to assemble and organize is based on communication. Many people with power trying to restrict these communication devices and networks. Authority figures spy on the use of these devices: tapping phones, surveillance of e-mails. Notion of a counter-culture: awareness group different from the mainstream. Corruption in some countries because of the leaders that support it. War in Vietnam was established to fight communism and when the war ended Vietnam went to war with communist China. They did not need to do anything because the two communist countries went to war anyways. To fight communism is really for the sake of capitalism. Sexual freedom and drugs used. So much work went into the civil rights agreement.Alot ofAmerican soldiers did not want to go to Iraq and fight. Pay attention to news coverage in Occupy Toronto and Wall Street. People are being convicted. ✗ VIDEO: FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ✗ People do not do anything because they are afraid of some kind of action ✗ Free speech in the age of copyright: protects music, film, books and other creations ✗ Battles: Google, music downloading ✗ Copyright and other laws are being used as censorship ✗ The person who creates something has the right to whether or not someone can quote them ✗ We live in a multimedia world ✗ We need a different structure of copyright, a different way to use such creative things ✗ In the past, when someone created something it then entered the public domain and anyone could copy it creating a collective culture ✗ Public domain is important for people who want to create ✗ Commons: national forest for example is a rich resource anyone can use ✗ Membership in a culture is a direct result of familiarity with the cultural commons ✗ The time length for copyright kept getting extended over the years. Mickey Mouse entered in 2003. As a company, it as founded using public domain materials: Snow White, Jungle Book used to make animated films ✗ This harms our sense of cultural identity ✗ You can lose your house if you go against this copyright law ✗ Challenging the law ✗ So many films that will not be preserved because economically no one can do it ✗ Nobody can restore these films while they are under copyright. When they are in the public domain they are restored but the films from long ago will be released too late and turn to dust. ✗ Can we maintain a rich cultural commons? By stopping new material entering the domain ✗ Public domain important for folk musicians which is becoming extinct ✗ Music built upon other people's works, make minor changes to make it theirs ✗ People should be able to freely take from this work is what some think ✗ The rise of the clearance culture ✗ More people than ever before have access to documenting stories ✗ Need permission for every fragmented use ✗ The assumption that the copyright culture is absolute ✗ To portray work y
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