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Lecture 2

HUMA 1825 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Adhan, Hajj, Salah

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HUMA 1825

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Lecture November 18th, 2014
Islamic Traditions
Myra Abedi
- Political and financial are two reasons for the satisfaction.
- Rebellion part against Muslims, there were delegations sent from Iraq
- Uthman was murdered while reading the Quran
- Uthman political changes changing governors; financial was the reason of satisfaction
for the Muslims.
- Ali had the support of the ansar the old fighters especially and some of the Muslims.
- A critical component that Shias say is the incident at Ghadir Khumm at the last
pilgrimage when Muhammad and his companions were returning where Ali returning
from Yemen caught up with them and Muhammad lifted Ali’s hand in the air and said
“Whoever consider me mawla I am, Ali is also mawla.”
- Ali’s supporters: Ansar, old Arab fighters; *Mawali
- Ali’s opponents: Umayyads; some Muhajirun
- Fitna: civil war
- Revolt of Aisha, Talha, Zubayr: Battle of the Camel (656)
- Muawiyas opposition: The battle of Siffin (657)
- Part of the army of Ali, the pious fighters who had adhered to Ali because of his
principles decided that submitting to the arbitration he had committed a sin in their view.
- Instead of fighting it on the battlefield and letting God decide what happens on the
battlefield, he went to arbitrators instead.
- Later on, it was one of the survivors who murdered Ali as he was coming to prayer. He
hit him with a poison sword.
Five Pillars of Islam:
Important Terminology:
Orthodoxy: correct thought, idea or belief
Orthopraxy: correct practices in religion
Iman: (faith) Mumin or Muslim
Ibadat (acts of worship): “Five Pillars of Islam
Shahada (witness, testimony, profession of faith)
- there is no God but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.
- Niyya (Intention)
- Tawhid (affirming God’s unity) Shirk (association of others with God)
Salat (worship; ritual prayer) Du’a (Prayer)
- Adhan (call to prayer)
- Wudu (ablution) Ghusl (major ablution)
- Masjid (place of prostration) = Mosque/ Mihrab (rayer niche) / Qibla
(direction of prayer) / Imam (leader of prayer) / Khutba (sermon)
Zakat (religious tax/almsgiving) Sadaqa (charity)
Sawm (fasting) / Ramadan
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