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HUMA 1100
Sarah Blake

Book 16. Line 1-32 • continued to stay in the hut of the swineherd • returns in the state of need (relying on the gifts of others) • Telemachus reunites with the swineherd, after long trip home • shows emptiness of Telemachus Line 195-210 • athena decides to show odysseus his true form to his son • so that they both can take over the suitors • how does son know? Line 212-235 • proclaims himself as odysseus to his son (reveals himself) Line 238-261 • two men and start weeping • asserts that fatherly control • image of child loosing father, (hawk and birds) Line 352-380 • plans to take on the 108 suitors • remains in disguise to go to the palace • they will remove all weapons - so the suitors can't get their hands on them • testing out the household, who can be trusted to not know about the kings return? • suitors don't want to kill Telemachus right away • some of the suitors act as informants to the queen, as well as the maids Book 17. Line 339-343 • odysseus is moving close to the palace, disguised as a beggar with swineherd • pointing out key aspect: "tightening" • home is symbol of fidelity, strength, how some women leave and some stay and support it Line 375-395 • odysseus comes into the courtyard • argos: the moment of recognition - to recognize the king when he comes home • a bounded relationship, that he lets his master be aware of his presence Line 396-422 • swineherd claims odysseus is dead • farewell of the dog to his master, recognition of the lost - first well seen and coming back as different people Line 693-771 • odysseus enters home and suitors are beating him up • queen can know of the events that are happening • queen knows something? will she recognize him? Book 18. Line 200-267 • competition of two beggars (odysseus and a real beggar) • queen sees
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