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Lecture 16

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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

The Odyssey Test will consist of Theogony, Iliad, and first half of the odyssey (1-12) In some ways, the odyssey can be seen as a sequel of the Iliad The odyssey is set place after 10 years of the fall of Troy Odysseus is the last of the warriors to return home The odyssey is the story of the wandering of Odysseus Odysseus is detained for various reasons One of the key concepts of the Odysseus is Nostos: homecoming (nostalgia-the longing to return home) The Iliad is said to be written by a single poet, whereas the author for the odyssey seems to be debated as to whether Homer wrote it or more than one person wrote it. A German scholar debates that there are indeed 2 poets who composed the Odyssey: There is poet A and T. (T is telemachy-the first four books of the odyssey) Telemachos is the son of Odysseus. Poet E is the one that compiled the work of both authors into one work. The books of the Odyssey can be broken into groups of 4. Odysseus doesn’t make his appearance until book 5. Zeus sends Hermes down to free Odysseus. Odysseus is story tell of Books 9-12: the essential story of what happened to him, his departure from troy, etc. Book 13-16: Odysseus returns to Ithaka, and he reveals himself to his son disguised as a beggar Next 4: Telemachos conspire to slaughter the suitors Final 4: The finally slaughter them Noblemen of Ithaka try to convince Penelope to pick a new husband since they believe Odysseus is dead The suitors are abusing Xenia, taking advantage of the home and food Book 1 The muses open the book again like other Homeric works. Helios took away the day of homecoming from Odysseus’ companions. Menelaos was detained in Egypt, then later returned to Sparta Odysseus was detained by Kalypso, who desires for him to become her husband All the gods love Odysseus, except Poseidon, Athena favours Odysseus 30-40: Aigisthios had a role in the murder of Agamemnon. Orestes murders Aigisthios. The Telemachy is supposed to tell Telemachos’ coming of age (it has been 20 years since Odysseus left Ithaka) Aigisthios deserved to be killed because he didn’t listen to the gods. The myth of Atreus: Agamemnon, Aigisthios Poseidon is the cause of Odysseus’s detention Line 59: Zeus here is similar to the Zeus depicted in Theogony, such as the idea of counsel 93: Athena speaking- The gods already know Odysseus is detained, Zeus sent Hermes to free him, and Telemachos’ journey has no real substance, but he wants to prove himself as a man to the suitors back in Ithaka 118: Even though the suitors are abusing Xenia, Telemachos is shocked that Athena is still standing there without being treated as a proper guest. He gives Athena a seat, a footrest, and
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