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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Greek Tragedy Slide 2 • Part of a religious festival that took place in Athens Slide 5 • Both of them believed art is an imitation. • Plato’s theory of forms, 3 stages. • Aristotle believes tragedies are imitation, the action that takes place is an imitation of action Slide 9 • The subject is not mundane concerns, it’s usually about heroes and so on Slide 10 • Agamemnon’s mistake is sacrificing his daughter • Agamemnon boasts he is a better hunter than Artemis (whose Roman equivalent is Diana) and so Artemis gets mad Slide 11 • Agamemnon’s error of judgement here is the sacrifice of hi daughter Apollonian Dionysiac • Plastic arts, e.g. sculpture • Non-visual art of music • Dream • Intoxication • Inner world of fantasy • God of light, of the sun, prophecy, etc. • God of wine and ecstasy • Sophrosyne – self-control, knowledge • In joy at the approach of spring and in of self narcotics the individual forgets himself completely • Universal harmony – each individual becomes at one with his fellow • Loss of control • Mystical Oneness • Naïveté – harmony with nature • Reconciliation of humankind and Greek Tragedy nature • Epic poet – naïve poetry of Homer • Lyrical poet • Sculpt
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