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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Books 3-4 • The consequences of refusing the worship of Bacchus Book 6 • Arachne claimed to equal Minerva with working with wool • Athena is the goddess of women’s household arts especially spinning and weaving • Book 6 consists of the punishment for boasting • Arachne believes she is the greatest weaver in the world and denies she learned it from Minerva and proposes a contest • Minerva dresses as an old hag and asks Arachne to take back what she says about her being better than Athena • Minerva reveals her status and only Arachne remains unafraid • Ekphrasis: a literary description of a visual work of art • Minerva depicted the rock of Mars, this is relationship to Eumenides • She wove the ancient dispute concerning the name of the land • Arachne’s picture was Jove seducing Europa and a series of other misdemeanors involving 5 of the other gods • Line 112: stole her love in a shower of gold • Minerva resents her work because she chose to depict them in a disrespectful light, and also because it’s really good • Minerva tears her piece and strikes an instrument on her head • Arachne is not one to endure this punishment, she goes to hang herself • Minerva has sympathy for her in this case and transforms her into a spider • Images of tapestry and weaving I a reoccurring theme in book 6 • The story of Niobe • 602-614 in the Iliad book 24: When Priam comes to get Hektor’s body from Achilleus. Priam is mourning the loss of her son, just as Niobe is mourning her loss of her husband and children • Hegel compares the suffering of Niobe with Mary. Unlike Mary, Niobe does not turn to stone, and does not ask to be turned into stone • Niobe is the queen of Thebes, Niobe has known Arachne and despite that fate, Niobe herself does not refrain from boasting • She is proud of her husband’s skill, their high birth, and her children • The daughter of Teiresias tells the women to offer prayers to Latona and her two children Apollo and Diana • Niobe is boasting and is asking why isn’t she getting worshipped instead of Latona • Niobe goes on to belittle Latona saying she only had 2 kids and she had 14 • Latona claims to her children that she has been insulted and one by one the children are struck by Apollo’s arrows • Niobe prays to Latona to rejoice and be glad in her cruel victory but she still continues to boast about her still having 7 daughters left • They ev
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