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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Book 11 • The death of Orpheus • The theme of reunion of lovers • After the tales of Book 10, the songs of Orpheus have transformed into wild beasts • Orpheus was a priest in the Dionitian cult. • Why does Orpheus tear Dionysys limb to limb? When they are in the dionsyian revelry, the • Bacchus connects his revenge on remenes. • The demise of Orpheus: an ivy colored staff the naiads carry this. They don’t use it as a weapon, but it is wielded • The inflict a bruise on Orpheus using this, another one throws a stone as him. His voice acts as a protective shield and it falls on his feet. • 30: some workmen are nearby and they abandon their tools. They tear these animals limb to limb • The bachannals tear his head and lie it in the river • The head of Orpheus lands close to the island lesbos • A snake comes to attack his head but Apollo intervenes and turns the snake into stone • Orpheus’ death allows him to be reunited with Eurydice • This reuniting of Orpheus and Eurydice: the Menads are severaly punished by Bacchus for killing Orpheus • The only real reason why they murdered Orpheus was because they were out of their wits • The theme and worship of Bacchus continues on to the story of Midas • King Midas and the peasants are a part of the cult • King Midas returns the foster child to Bacchus • Bacchus decides to reward him by allowing him to choose any boon he desires • He asks to give him touch that turns things to gold with his body • Midas tests his new ability and touches corn, apples, and the doors of his palace. They all turn to gold, he is ecstatic • When Midas sits down to eat, the bread and meat he wants to eat, turns to gold. The water turns to gold • Midas prays to Bacchus to rescue him from the curse that seduced him • Bacchus tells him to go to the river, the gold passes from his body to the river, his entire kingdom is essentially covered in gold now • Midas sides with Apollo who plays lyre against Pan who plays pipes • Everyone thinks Apollo is better at music except Midas • Line 174: Apollo thinks Midas doesn’t deserve to have human ears so he transforms then into donkey ears • Midas decides to conceal his new years under a tiara or turban • His barber removes his headpiece for his haircut and he spreads this knowledge into a hole which he buries • The girls whistle the secret words across the kingdom • Next tale: father of King Priam. Leomadan. Apollo here sees Leomadan trying to rebuild the walls of Troy.
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