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Lecture 4

Humanities Lecture 4 More about Descartes beliefs.

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HUMA 1160
Stanley Tweyman

In meditation two decartes talks about himselfThe point decartes wants to make is that the first principles of metaphysics truthgod thyself are not in accordance with what the senses reveal the point he makes is that in order to do metaphysics what we need to do is two parts pg 101104 1stwe must eliminate the influence of the senses so that what remains of our ideas are only those ideas which are not sensorial 2nddirect our attention these inate ideas these require a new method called method of analysis is only a method in use in the meditations the things that need to be known before meditations 1pg 41 passage on pg 4546 highlitedthis concerns the notion of perception what theory of perception is involved in meditation 1the perceiver is in direct contact with the object not correct the condition surrounding your senses will help you perceive things ex of his cateract eye surgery he saw a black van before and after realzed it was blue this has lead philosophers to conclude that we are never in direct contact with an object because in order to be aware of the physical object you must have a sensation therefore the conclusion reached is that rather than being in direct contact with objects are our own sensations our only access to the outside world is through our sensations represantitive realism the perceptions we have represent realitywhat dec
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