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HUMA 1160

- Error is always in the , reasoned. It’s always the reasoned that makes a mistake with math. - Object of study is pure ( not based on the sense) objects of mathematics are given by God. Objects of mathematics have fixed nature they cannot change. - In mathematics it should be possible to attain certainty and truth - What are the faulty of knowledge in mathematics - 1. Intuition- understanding a connection between two items. Things that are related are called relata. Intution is required to see the connection between relata. - If you think of something having a shape you have to think of it somewhere. - 2. Deduction- learning one thing from another - 2+2=4, 3+1=4 - an example of - Memory never produces certainty - Memory is never indubitable - In order to deduction to reach indubitably you have to go over it time and time again - Mathematics is certain, indubitable. However this is not Descartes position in the mediation Mediations - He now says mathematics is dubitable ( can be doubted) - Decartes points out that God might be a deceiver - Pg 220 - Reasons for doubting mathematics - Descartes is looking at the issue of certainty as it is understood by the mathematicians - He finds the conclusion physiologically irresistible - Reason 1 - The person who gets the wrong answer finds the wrong as physiologically irresistible aswell. - If the basic of mathematical knowledge is physiologically irresistibility then it is totally unreliable. - Reason 2 - In mediations 1 and 3 he still does not know if God exists - Surmises that God is his creator and powerful - God created the physiologically irresistibility, which will lead to error. - Therefore Descartes believes he will never come to the truth. - God is a deceiver - Reason 3 - Non believer doesn’t believe God created him, God is all powerful etc - What are the alternativ
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