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York University
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Jon Sufrin

Lecture 21-March Mosque on the prairie 1. Multiculturalism in Canada 2. Multiculturalism and the Mosaic 3. Criticism and Defences This Lecture is brought to you by; • Multiculturism • The Mosaic • “Everything a Canadian does is Canadian” Multiculturalism Became a gov’t official policy in 1971 Trudeu Liberal gov’t passed new federal legislation which gave equal status to all culture and ethinc groups, while re-asserting the basic bilingual character of the country What this means is that while English and French are the language of government, in public spaces, there is no official culture 2006 Environics (Michel Adams company author of -Fire and Ice) Poll 85% of Canadian agreed that multiculturism was part of our national character 81% see it as a positive part of that national character • Do not need to be Christian to be Canadian • Do not need to be white to be Canadian • It’s one of our essential traditions that we don’t have any essential traditions • Ever since Canada has been born there never has been just one culture • Culture variety in Canada makes us stronger than weaker Myth of the
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