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Feb 8 Public sphere

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HUMA 1780
Tanja Juric

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Public spherepublic sphere functions asa space that o enables shapes and constrains narrativepublic hearings intended to restore dignity of victims o empower the powerless centre on the marginalizedbecame a travelling civics lesson to realize egalitarian fiction of national public spherereactivate the dialogical processes and discursive practices of an emergent modern democratic states citizens pg145regulatory capacity of the public sphere is never fully with or against the state it is the primary site for defense of the group from itself of people from the people pg148 it is where individuals understand and assert their individuals right but it is also where they are more likely to have them violated because that is where theywe are exposed to one another A discursive space of both enfranchisement and disenfranchisement that has the capacity to make citizens of victims as well as victims of citizens p149 o Part of the nations narrative Its cultural narrativeCultural narrativescultural narratives appear to be unmediated by a narrator
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