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Stories in Diverse Media (AP HUMA 1780B) – Wednesday October 10, 2012 Mysticism

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HUMA 1780
Carl Wolfe

Stories in Diverse Media (AP HUMA 1780B) – Wednesday October 10, 2012 Mysticism Main features of Christian mysticism - Monastic phenomenon: isolation, penitence, prayer, charity; - Universal, egalitarian appeal: women & men; - Emancipatory potential for women; - Audience: monastic environment (consolation & spiritual guidance); larger Christian readership; perhaps, all monotheistic traditions. Main features - Journey whose end is the mystical ecstasy or rapture; - Mystical ecstasy entails: 1. Union with the divine (God), 2. Transiency, 3. Passivity, 4. Testimony, 5. Knowledge of God. Main features - God of mystics; - Mysterious, unfathomable, distant, silent; - Terrifying; => wholly other/different - Merciful, fascinating, & omniscient. - Incommunicability (of suffering or ecstatic experience); - Mystic’s despair, abandonment, emptiness. Conclusions Mysticism - Authentic religious experience (genuine faith); - Essentially negative side of the search for God; - Apodictic and instrumental understanding of suffering; - Infinite otherness of the absolute. - God can become the spider god or the god of love, god is unpredictable, you can grasp him a little b
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