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Information Technology
ITEC 1620
Stephen Chen

Sample 1: I have a number. Should you guess my numb er, I will say “You guessed my number.” Otherwise, I will say “Lower” when your guess was too high, and I will say “Higher” when your guess was too low. For example: nummyer yoguess 5 3 Higher r e w o L 6 r e h g i H 4 5gYessed. On the following page, there is a flowchart for a program that will take as input the value of my number and the value of your guesses, and that will output my response to each guess. For Example: In5poupout. In3put:Output: Higher In6put:Output: Lower In4put:Output: Higher In5put:OutputgYeused. On the page after the flowchart, please onvert the program from the flowchart into JAVA. Flowchart: Start Input my number Input guess Input guess Output: Output: “Higher” “Lower” no yes guess > number yes guess ≠ number no Output: “You guessed my number.” End Program: public class Sample1 { public static void main( String args [] ) { } } Sample 2: The triangular numbers are as follows: 11 3
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