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ITEC 4030

Business Process Management Systems ITEC 4030 – Winter 2011 – Peter Khaiter Lecture 2 – Key Issues around BPR for E-Business – Jan 12 Evolution of BPR and Outcomes - TQM (Early 80’s): o Continuous incremental BP improvement with no role for IT o Outcome: More consistency in BP outputs - 1st wave BPR (Early 90’s): o IT-based BP improvement o Outcome: IT-enabled processes bad timing + unrealistic expectations - Time-based competition (Since the 90's): o IT-based improvement of BP directly linked to corporate strategy o Outcome: Faster and leaner critical BP - Web-enabled e-business (Since late 90's): o IT-based improvement of cross organizational processes o Outcome: Increased collaboration / income using e-commerce - Knowledge management (Since 2000): o IT-based capture of information needed to improve BP and decision making o Outcome: Knowledge creation (such as best practices) Success and Failure of BPR Projects - 67% of projects produce marginal or failed results (CSC Index) - Failure: o Organizational / behavioral issues o Project management failure o Technical failure: NOT PERFORMING AS EXPECTED o Marginal effects o Wrong process - Improving chances of success: o Clear objectives in sync with business strategy (Low cost, differentiation, new market, new income…) o Methodology (see next slide) and tools o Manage
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