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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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KINE 1000 FALL TERM Social Class and Social Determinants of Health Social Determinants of Health  Definition: ­ The economic and social conditions that shape the health of individuals, communities, and jurisdictions as a whole ­ The primary determinants of whether individuals stay healthy of become ill ­ The quantity and quality if a variety of resources that society makes available to its members Social Determinants of Health: ­ Income ­ Occupation ­ Aboriginal status ­ Education ­ Gender ­ Age ­ Disability Social Class  Categories of people who share a positions in society that is based on a combination of their: ­ Income ­ Wealth ­ Social connections or networks ­ Education ­ Occupation  Socioeconomic status (SES)  Class Social Stratification  Layers as determined by: ­ Contribution to economic production ­ Command over resources ­ Lifestyle and life chances Social Class and Our Bodies  Class is Corporeal ­ Definition: relating to a person’s body, especially as opposed to their spirit ­ We make judgments and assumptions about people by seeing how they look  Social world = array of fields Habitus (P. Bourdieu)  Habitus is a set of: ­ Dispositions ­ Orientations ­ Preferences ­ Habits  Habitus refers to lifestyle, values, the personalities and expectations of particular social groups that are acquired through the activities and experiences of everyday life Capital in Sport and Physical Activity  Increase economic capital = increase sport or physical activity opportunities (some sports require a lot of equipment and money)  Increase cultural capital = increase comfort in more sport or physical activity environments (knowledge or how to play certain sports or how to use certain machines and equipment in the fitness and weight rooms, the more you know about them, the more comfortable)  Social capital = increase networks to access sport or physical activity OR increase in opportunities through sport or physical activity to access social networks (if you have people who you go to the gym with or people who can teach you with gym equipment, you will feel more comfortable going to the gym and thus you are using you capital to access these spaces)  Income influences the amount of people who play sports  Whether or not parents play sports is a determinant in whether or not their children will play sports Bourdieu, sport and social class  People w
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