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Lecture 15

KINE 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Junk Food, Plat

Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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Guest Lecture – Child/ Youth-Hood
The way children play has changed recently. Free play is declining in Western countries. May
have negative health consequences for kids. Movement in Canada to increase free plat to 1.
Fight diabetes and 2. Produce future high performance athletes.
Structuring Play
Play is structured as leisure, sport and instrumental to health through policy
Emphasis on organized sport and health, which does not account for pleasurable aspects
to play as well as child and youth perspectives of play and activity
Drive for health, productivity and personal responsibility
Important to explore and gain insights into perspectives and experiences of youth
participants which are often neglected in broader policy-based initiatives.
What their research focused on
How children construct and negotiate play experiences in their daily lives
How children play and want to play
What kinds of experiences are culturally constructed through play
How children understand pleasure with respect to play
What has been regarded as valuable for children with respect to play
Qualitative interviews 6-18 years old
Photo voice methods (show tell, body language)
Children’s understanding of Play
Basically kids wanted to have fun while playing. However play is used as a means to an end
in society, used to achieve something, but this is not the way the kids want it. Policy makers
tend to homogenize play, ignoring children’s experiences. They also focus on minimizing
risk, however risk is an integral part of the children’s experiences to help them learn and get
better and also enjoy taking them
Children as active agents in their play
Virtual and imaginary spaces (reading)
Transforming spaces and objects (couch to fort)
Her dissertation
Cultivating Democratic Space? Preliminary Findings of a Sports Intensive School
Increasing government awareness for value of elite sporting success
This global sports arms race resulted in a shift towards the development of high
performance athletes
Supported by federal initiatives – Canadian Sport for Life
Sports schools
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