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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Kuk/ Riddell

January 21 Socialization (Children and Parents construction Gender) Socialization: Process of learning and social development when we interact with others. How you socialize to become what you are? What are the forces? Parents, family, peers, friends. How do we learn from the socializing agents? (we are ready to be written up-on) We are always in a process of social development (becoming someone) We are always shaping in our lives! EVEN MUCH WAS DECIDED BEFORE WE ARE BORN! Social class (rich vs. poor) Parents and family You SEX is decided as well * (gender is different) Ethnicity (your country)  cultures. Skin colour (race) SOCIAL RELATIONS + cultural context = meaning and importance Interactions are important because they shape our characters. Valuable experiences: DIVERSITY OF EXPERIENCES IS MORE HELPFUL Highlight the importance of the athletic experiences. Valuating If you do sport (PA)  better person in all aspec
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