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Kine 1000

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

Kine 1000 HumanhaMonday March0810thFinal exam on Wednesday 7 2010 Field House and CSE C 9am12pm FMLInternational womens dayHernan starts by acknowledging that us men have had much privilege in our society Hernan suggests that men may resist change because they realize providing equal opportunities for women means sacrificing our priviledgeChange means certain groups in society may need to sacrifice either reseources or some sort of priviledgeth March 26 Beach Volleyball for Earthquake Chile Learning with the national playersAt times of chaos earthquakes people take the advantage to settle social inequalities ex stealing technologyappliances etcHappening in Chile at the moment9am so NOW Humanha gets to the pointGlobalizationWhat are the consequences of the world being integrated Free trade GoodBad Good creates jobs relationships between countries BadLocal traditions are lost loss of diversity Jobs that are provided are very poorly managed International Corporations end up having more power than Federal organization because of international interests MONEY MONEY Humanha now talks bout the trends in soccer as they pertain to globalizationRicher clubs have better players competition for t
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